Unexpected lunch guest

Gordon Ramsey flies in to dine Gordon Ramsey flew into Waiheke Island and dined at Te Whau Vineyard restaurant, there was no sign of an F-word when he was quoted ...

Defenition of RENOVATE

Definition of RENOVATE : to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding) This is very common in the Bradley household, a bit like our side ...

My new favorite Fruit

This is one of the many reasons why I am embracing New Zealand, the Feijoas are here let’s party…. we better make it quick as there appearance is brief. Even ...

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Time To Leave The Island BYE WAIHEKE!!!! Even though Its hard to say Goodbye to Paradise I’m learning that letting go of the past is a good thing, it doesn’t mean forgetting, it just means moving on. Because the fact is, we can’t enjoy the present, and embrace the future when were still stuck in […]

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This Prairie Girl is heading to the Australian Open in Melbourne

I can’t believe how many Kiwi’s love the city of Melbourne, whats all the hype  about? Yes Mark is always going there for work and frankly I have been avoiding going, not crazy about big busy cities, my time has run out,   a business colleague (who is also a major tennis buff) has invited […]

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Holiday Greetings From Waiheke Island, New Zealand

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Sensational Summer On Waiheke Celebrating 25 Years

As Robert Browing once quoted….Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. I met my husband at 16 years old in high school in a little place you call Red Deer Alberta, now 25 years later, 2 kids (one married) 2 dogs and a lot of history we are surrounded by the sparkling […]

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Am I too old for Adventure?

I’m a born and raised Canadian as you all know by now. I have lived on the prairies for over 40 years, what you don’t know is escaping the January weather is a matter of life or death. Death if you DON’T do it. For 25 years i traveled to Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, California, we […]

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How Joining a Cult and my love affair with Kombucha changed my health forever

I got caught up in the health and wellness movement while i spent 2 months in California this winter while I was in Matthew Kenney Raw Culinary School. That’s when my affair with Kombucha started. Hot weather, mile long farmers markets, acai bowls, 5 star raw restaurants, tanned healthy bodies and of course every seasonal […]

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Steak Cake

“STEAK CAKE! My friend Tammy who is a VEGETARIAN just had her birthday, and just because I like to mess with her, I made her a “Happy Beefday” cake for a party we all went to. I baked a red velvet chocolate cake, covered it with homemade vanilla butter cream frosting, and red and white […]

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Olive harvest in full swing

Olive harvest is in full swing. This years full dry summer has had the same effect on the groves as its had on the vineyards the olives don’t mind the dry. These are all little things we are learning living on a olive grove, although the groves are small here in Waiheke we have heard […]

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Mothers Day in Queenstown!

Missing the change of seasons decided to head to the South Island to catch the last of the Autumn season and the spectacular changing colors of the trees!! Queenstown was named so because “it was fit for Queen Victoria”. Its recognized as New Zealand’s premier visitor destination and “the Adventure Capital of the World”. We […]

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Breaking News

My daughter Hollie has been with her amazing Boyfriend from high school and recently just got engaged, no date set yet so awaiting the details…….will it be Hawaii, New Zealand, or Canada………………..

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